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Abbreviated Day Schedule, Accidents, and Bookroom


The APS Employee Handbook is available on the APS Human Resources Website. All revisions, corrections or additions will be posted regularly on the website. The website document will be considered current and take precedence over this printed handbook. It is the employee’s responsibility to refer to the document on the website for updates and new information.



The abbreviated day schedule is a shortened school day, which begins approximately two hours later than the regular schedule.  The decision to institute an abbreviated day schedule will be made by 6:00 a.m. and announced through the news media by 6:15 a.m.  Teachers are expected to be in their respective building one hour prior to the beginning of the abbreviated schedule.  If the weather worsens and it becomes necessary to close schools, the announcement will be made as soon as possible.  The abbreviated schedule for Wednesdays will start later and end at 3:50, not 12:55 as on other Wednesday afternoons. 


In the event of an accident:

  1. DO NOT move the child if the injury or illness appears to be serious.  Remain with the child.  Report the accident and location to the office immediately using the two-way radios provided by the office. Someone will come to give assistance and the parents will be notified. 
  2. Minor injuries: USE FIRST AID KIT supplied by the nurse and Band-Aids in your room.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE CHILD TO THE HEALTH ROOM WITH MINOR SCRATCHES.  Remember to carry your health kit (including gloves) with you.

In case of illness:

  1. Send the child to health room or office with school pass.
  2. In case of severe illness, call the office for help.  
  3. The child will be placed in the nurse's office and parents will be called. 


Birthday pencils are available to students on their birthday.  They must claim the pencil themselves from the office.  (We like to say “Happy Birthday” to them!)


Bikes must be locked in the bike rack at the beginning of the day.  Scooters are allowed in the classroom since they can’t be secured properly.   Students need to dismount bikes/scooters on campus.


The use of the school-wide bookroom is highly encouraged.  In order to keep our inventory current, the bookroom will be locked.  Please see someone in the office* who will open it and check in/out materials for you.   Also, please keep track of the baggies.  It is expensive to keep replacing them.