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Social Emotional Support Program

At Marie Hughes Elementary there are three Social Emotional Support 1 (SES1) and four Social Emotional Support 2 (SES2) District classrooms. In a SES class we focus not only on academics but a heavy focus on social emotional learning. Not only are these skills important for success in all aspect of life, from school and education to employment, family, and community relationships. Students in this district program require an IEP to be supported in this specialized program.

We use apps, email, google meetings, and text messages as a way to communicate with families about behavior and important school information, activities, and incentives. In the SES 1 setting we focus on recognizing and rewarding positive behavior rather than focusing on the negative. We use Achieve Inspire Motivate (AIM) SEL Curriculum to help students recognize their feelings as well as strategies they can use to respond to those emotions respectfully and responsibly.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Head Special Education Teacher, Valerie Sena or Principal, Jenna Bludworth.

SES Staff

  • Jody Antal-Nicks, Social Worker
  • Jenna Bludworth, Principal
  • Isaac Chavez, Educational Assistant
  • Roseanna Christophersen, Educational Assistant
  • Claudia Flores, Special Education Teacher
  • Larissa Garcia, Staff
  • Cheryl Jean, Occupational Therapist
  • Yvonne Kahl, SLP (Teletherapy)
  • John Krek, Adaptive Physical Education
    Carmen (Terese) Martinez, Social Worker (MHES/SESS 1)
  • Aisle Mcgrath, Educational Assistant
  • Kaitlin McKay, Special Education Teacher
  • David Parmenter, Special Education Teacher
  • Stephanie Rodriguez, Educational Assistant
  • Brianna Sanchez, Special Education Teacher
  • Matthew Sandoval, Special Education Teacher
  • Valerie Sena, Special Education Teacher
  • Craig Turpin, School Psychologist